Bucky is always worried about Steve’s face since he saw Red Skull’s face XDD

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by littlek_stopbythecorner

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damn the pope about to preach some sick verses

the guy beatboxing behind him

"the guy" is the italian president

P-Francis and the Prez

"I will now rap John 15, verses 1-17. Prez, drop the beat."

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream [x]

What with the Mercutio/Romeo kiss from the other day I feel like I should have a tag specifically for “men kissing in Shakespeare plays even though it’s not in the text, but after 400 years of unresolved sexual tension it’s time.”

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A sketch dump, I wanted to see how the other characters would look in punk AU. I don’t know if they don’t feel like the characters to you (I myself am not sure of Loki, Chavez and David).
I’ve used references from google. I just want to clarify that this AU’s for fun. 

I hope you like it!

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all i want in life is a pit bull that looks like Baby

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“It’s Napoleon. With DRAGONS.”

The entire Temeraire fandom when asked what it’s about.

Don’t lie. You’ve all said it.

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I will be sitting in a cloud of rage until further notice

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Also what about Quentyn? Like how can Trystan be heir when Quentyn has such a big part in the fifth book? Is all that gonna be cut too?

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they made up irrelevant characters, they made characters without dialogue major characters, they made characters with no personality important

but no Arianne Martell who is the female heir to the throne of Dorne lets just cut her out, yes she’s unimportant. That whole plot in the fourth book we’ll give it to someone else yes who needs a woman lets make trystane heir

Alayna says maybe they’re still casting and I hope they are because up until now I was just waiting to see Arianne and now it looks like there will be no Arianne

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they fucking cut Arianne out of the show

I hate stupid piece crap tv show I hate it so much it is the worst tv show and they cut my favorite character out 

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Tattoo by Jan Mráz

via Colossal

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